Services We Provide

Dynology serves our federal customers with cyber security and information technology solutions that protect their most critical systems and support homeland, defense, intelligence, and law enforcement missions.

  • Cyber Security

    Dynology provides technology engineering services to our customers to protect their data from security threats posed from insider breaches or external cyber threats. We implement best-in-class cyber security monitoring and analysis platforms to minimize the risks for your mission critical information technology systems. Our experts help you gain meaningful knowledge regarding your operational security posture so that you can make resource investments with full knowledge of impacts to mission risk.

  • Mission Focused Information Technology

    While Dynology technologists are experts in their respective fields, our true interest lies in becoming experts in your mission needs. We do not pursue information technology solutions for the purpose of implementing new technology, we implement new technology for the purpose of improving your mission support posture. Our approach to information technology brings a refreshing emphasis on the issues that matter to you, with clearly proposed solutions that deliver direct value to your most important mission stakeholders.

  • Rich Interactive Multimedia

    Today, the expectations on your information systems are higher than ever, with increased needs to provide highly complex visual data and multimedia content across diverse operating platforms. Dynology specializes in rich interactive multimedia solutions that transform the experience of your stakeholders and provide meaningful engagement for consumers of your web resources. Our video, interactive graphics, 3D animation, and active modeling solutions enable you to deliver content that provide the best possible experience for your users.

Additional Information About our Services

ClearForce Employee Insider Risk Management is a new cloud based Software-as-a-Service solution that identifies employees, vendors and contractors who represent potential risks to the enterprise caused by changes in their personal situation, such as financial difficulty or trouble with the law. The application’s legally compliant workflows identifies specific risks, supports investigation, and allows you to take action – with options that may include counseling, moving the person to a less vulnerable position, termination, or other action.

ClearForce identifies high risk behaviors inside and outside the workplace via a consent based system that has been vetted and approved by some of the largest labor law firms in the nation. ClearForce has worked with these firms to develop standardized processes that protect the organization should it need to pursue action as a result of data that has identified a potential risk or vulnerability.

Dynology cyber security professionals help your organization use ClearForce to:

  • Identify threats more quickly
  • Manage risks more effectively
  • Allocate resources more efficiently
  • Prevent workforce theft, crime, violence
  • Protect privacy of consumer data & commercial IP
  • Reduce risk of employee lawsuits
  • Enhance Compliance & Audit