Markets We Serve

Dynology serves our federal and commercial customers with cyber security and information technology solutions that protect their most critical systems and support homeland, defense, intelligence, and law enforcement missions.

  • Homeland Security

    Homeland security component agencies protect our citizens with a myriad of offices that affect nearly every aspect of domestic security policy. Dynology works closely with our federal customers and commercial partners to identify opportunities for improving efficiency with improved technology solutions.

  • National Defense

    Our national defense posture depends heavily on our nation's ability to prevent cyber-based disruption of our operations and protect the critical digital assets contained on commercial and government computer networks. Dynology develops and implements technologies that manage security risks, identify insider threat candidates, and consolidate risk profiles into actionable operational dashboards to provide decision guidance to your organizational leaders.

  • Intelligence

    Our intelligence agencies evaluate foreign intelligence, conduct covert operations, intercept foreign signals intelligence, operate reconnaissance satellites, generate imagery and map-based intelligence, and provide assessments to policymakers. These activities of data collection, analysis, processing, and exploitation require sophisticated information technology solutions. Dynology partners with the most innovative commercial firms to develop advanced capabilities for our nation's intelligence community.

  • Law Enforcement

    Law Enforcement agencies face increased sophistication from criminal enterprises and government-sponsored cyber crimes. The complexity and scope of criminal activity often outpaces the ability of responsible agencies to react in a timely fashion. Dynology experts evaluate emerging threats and provide proactive recommendations to law enforcement regarding technology innovations necessary for achieving mission objectives.

Representative Customers

OUSD (Comptroller)

Civilian NASBA Certification
Course Development

Department of Defense

Joint Improvised-Threat Defeat Agency (JIDA)

US Army

Office of the Chief of Public Affairs (OCPA)

US Marine Corps

Combat Development Command, Nonlethal Weapons Testing

US Marine Corps Systems Command

Marine Corps Network Operations and Security Center

Special Operations Command

SOCOM Wide Mission Support (SWMS)

United States European Command

Communications and Engagement

Defense Intelligence Agency

Office of Corporate Communications

Veterans Affairs

Office of Policy and Planning

US Army

Congressional Budget Liaison Office (SAFM-BUL)

US Marine Corps

Office of Legislative Affairs

Special Operations Command

Joint Military Information Support Command Technical Assistance