Services We Provide

Dynology serves our federal customers with cyber security and information technology solutions that protect their most critical systems and support homeland, defense, intelligence, and law enforcement missions.

  • Cyber Security

    Dynology provides technology engineering services to our customers to protect their data from security threats posed from insider breaches or external cyber threats. We implement best-in-class cyber security monitoring and analysis platforms to minimize the risks for your mission critical information technology systems. Our experts help you gain meaningful knowledge regarding your operational security posture so that you can make resource investments with full knowledge of impacts to mission risk.

  • Mission Focused Information Technology

    While Dynology technologists are experts in their respective fields, our true interest lies in becoming experts in your mission needs. We do not pursue information technology solutions for the purpose of implementing new technology, we implement new technology for the purpose of improving your mission support posture. Our approach to information technology brings a refreshing emphasis on the issues that matter to you, with clearly proposed solutions that deliver direct value to your most important mission stakeholders.

  • Rich Interactive Multimedia

    Today, the expectations on your information systems are higher than ever, with increased needs to provide highly complex visual data and multimedia content across diverse operating platforms. Dynology specializes in rich interactive multimedia solutions that transform the experience of your stakeholders and provide meaningful engagement for consumers of your web resources. Our video, interactive graphics, 3D animation, and active modeling solutions enable you to deliver content that provide the best possible experience for your users.

Additional Information About our Services

ClearForce Employee Insider Risk Management is a new cloud based Software-as-a-Service solution that identifies employees, vendors and contractors who represent potential risks to the enterprise caused by changes in their personal situation, such as financial difficulty or trouble with the law. The application’s legally compliant workflows identifies specific risks, supports investigation, and allows you to take action – with options that may include counseling, moving the person to a less vulnerable position, termination, or other action.

ClearForce identifies high risk behaviors inside and outside the workplace via a consent based system that has been vetted and approved by some of the largest labor law firms in the nation. ClearForce has worked with these firms to develop standardized processes that protect the organization should it need to pursue action as a result of data that has identified a potential risk or vulnerability.

Dynology cyber security professionals help your organization use ClearForce to:

  • Identify threats more quickly
  • Manage risks more effectively
  • Allocate resources more efficiently
  • Prevent workforce theft, crime, violence
  • Protect privacy of consumer data & commercial IP
  • Reduce risk of employee lawsuits
  • Enhance Compliance & Audit
Dynology provides technology engineering services to our customers to protect their data from security threats posed from insider breaches or external cyber threats.

Our team offers a disciplined corporate security management process based on our past experience in obtaining software certification and Authority to Operate (ATO) for our own and customer applications. We address all security laws, regulations and policies including the NIST risk management framework and other cyber security requirements. We have years of experience in addressing the challenges facing operations centers, command posts and fusion centers. We address security concerns by resolving each issue in detail until target improvements are documented and achieved.

Cyber Engineering Services Include:

  • Security Posture Evaluation and Documentation
  • IT Security Plan of Actions and Milestones (POA&Ms)
  • Information Assurance (IA) Programs
  • Security Assessment & Authorization (SA&A)
  • Risk Assessment / Risk Management Framework
  • Vulnerability scans and penetration tests
  • Visibility into federal regulations, policies and procedures (e.g.: NIST, NSA, DIA, DoD)
  • Security Technical Implementation Guides (STIG)
  • Secure Configuration Remediation Initiative (SCRI)
  • Computer Incident Response
Dynology experts provide information technology services that achieve specific mission outcomes for your organization. Our integration of management, strategic, and tactical information technology solutions achieve intuitive solutions that enable your organization to increase efficiency and accelerate your operational tempo.

With over a decade supporting federal and commercial customers, we have established expertise in many mission-critical areas. Our customers currently seek our support moving to hybrid or hosted cloud solutions, accelerating software development with Agile practices, and developing custom engineered solutions for specific mission objectives.

Cloud Migration and Implementation
Over the past few years, the pace of federal organizations moving to the cloud has accelerated rapidly. Our customers see the benefits of hosted environments from Amazon, Microsoft, and other FedRAMP compliant platforms, which provide highly-available, fault tolerant platforms for mission critical information technology resources. We work in close partnership with our customers to create flexible and agile cloud-based environments that enable rapid service delivery, elasticity, and high performance for mission critical activities.

Agile Software Development
Dynology brings proven past performance enabling our customers to achieve exceptional results with Agile development practices, even within organizations that traditionally use waterfall methodologies. We establish effectiveness with proven Agile engineering practices that emphasize DevOps capabilities, automated Continuous Integration software delivery, real-time analysis of code metrics, open visual dashboards for development activities, and responsiveness to your users’ requirements and feedback. With Dynology, our engineering practices accelerates the delivery of reliable software solutions, on time and within budget.

Custom Engineered Mission Solutions
Our experts leverage a broad network of industry contacts to bring together diverse specialties for delivering complex mission solutions. We integrate emerging technologies with existing mission systems to provide our homeland, defense, intelligence, and law enforcement personnel with every advantage to prosecute their missions.

Dynology has been a leader in the evolution of the development of websites and web-based applications for over a decade. As these environments moved from static, text-based content into complex multimedia delivery systems, our experts developed valuable capabilities to provide simple interfaces into highly complex visualizations of mission information.

scormWe apply Sharable Content Object Reference Model (SCORM) standards to create Section 508 compliant, Web-based learning that can be delivered and tracked using any major learning management system. Our customers reusable content across multiple applications, accessible from any internet-enabled location, interoperable on any compliant platform, and survivable when base technology changes, without redesign or recoding. With Dynology, your stakeholders gain access to training resources that engage and provide value, which improves retention and increases user participation. We can help you train your workforce to take advantage of emerging technologies and services, protect your infrastructure, and better support your mission objectives.

3c1e46_ba5f758b20834cc280629921db154482.png_srz_p_298_226_75_22_0.50_1.20_0Our websites attract and keep viewer interest through cutting-edge design and built with dynamic front-end development and efficient back-end functionality. We leverage responsive website design to fully support mobile platforms and minimize unnecessary server page refreshes, which increase bandwidth requirements and lesson user experience. For some examples of multimedia design with captured video, please see our virtual tours of the Museum of the Marine Corps and Franklin D. Roosevelt Museum.

Website and Intranet DevelopmentWe build websites and internal web applications that unify access to enterprise information and applications and portals that improve individual and organizational effectiveness. Our experts will help you organize data, application, and information management to maximize the value of your existing content. We will customize content views, such as calendars, email, and application links to provide actionable navigation through your operational data. And we will integrate legacy applications with current and new tools to extend the life of your legacy systems and introduce new information to your existing platforms more efficiently.

3c1e46_bfb251a9f0bd47e3bf7c7c63c680baaf.png_srz_p_300_218_75_22_0.50_1.20_0We can support your most demanding design and consulting needs needed to support all aspects of rich interactive multimedia. Our consultative experts can design and implement effective web analytics and monitoring solutions for you to ensure that your web properties achieve the performance and quality objectives necessary to support your stakeholder community. We will work closely with your knowledge leaders to perform LMS implementations that engage your user communities and leverage the latest open-source and cloud-based learning solutions to enable greater achievement with less investment. Our graphic artists can provide the highest-quality three-dimensional animation and modeling for use with any of your mission systems. And, if needed, we develop STEM-based lesson plans for achieving the educational goals of your workforce.